Module Cryptodbm.Error

module Error: sig .. end
All errors that may occur.

type error_location = 
| Subtable of string * int (*The error occured in the indicated subtable, with the given name (and number).*)
| Table (*The error concerns the main table.*)
| Any (*The location is undetermined.*)
Location where an error occured.
type error = 
| File_not_found of string (*The file does not exist or is not readable.*)
| File_overwrite of string (*Overwriting an existing file is not allowed.*)
| File_not_appendable of string (*Append mode: the file does not exist, or is not readable, or is not writeable.*)
| File_not_writeable of string (*Write mode: the given permission does not allow writing to the file.*)
| Bad_format of string * string (*The file format is wrong: Bad_format (expected, found)*)
| Bad_password of error_location (*A wrong password was given to open a subtable or the database itself.*)
| Bad_signature of error_location (*The signature found in the file or in a subtable is wrong.*)
| No_signature of error_location (*No signature was found.*)
| Is_Closed of error_location (*The table, or subtable, cannot be used because it is already closed.*)
| Is_Already_Open of error_location (*This subtable cannot be opened because it has already been opened.*)
| No_subtable of string (*No subtable with the given name exists. This error occurs when trying to open a standard subtable with open_uncrypted_subtable, or when trying to open an explicitly uncrypted subtable with open_subtable.*)
| Subtable_exists of string (*A subtable with the given name already exists.*)
| Subtable_overflow (*Too many subtables created. Current maximum is 2^14 - 1.*)
| Overwrite of string * error_location (*Trying to overwrite a key, while may_overwrite was false.*)
| Unbound of string * error_location (*Trying to read a key that is not bound.*)
| DB_Error of exn (*Error when accessing the underlying database.*)
| Corrupted of error_location * string (*Corrupted file: it does not have the expected structure. (An error message is given).*)
| Backup_failure of exn (*Error when trying to create the backup.*)
exception Error of error
Exception raised when an error occurs.
val loc2s : error_location -> string
Printing functions.
val error2s : error -> string